“End of Life Care and Islamic Practical Theology: A Case Study: The Dying Experience of Prophet Muhammad” Ph.D. Dissertation by Kamal Abu-Shamsieh

Abstract: The Islamic tradition regarding end-of-life care and postmortem care has been rooted primarily in practices and rituals related to offering intercessory prayers and affirming faith prior to death and preparing the deceased for funerals and burials from an Islamic legal perspective. Modernity, including advances in medicine and new approaches to healthcare, has created new […]

Hewlett Building Alterations Begin

The alterations began in 2022 and will include: Transforming digital collections: improving access to resources to support online education. As digital collections are expanded, print resources are not being replaced; Transforming infrastructure: to support hybrid services. The Library will maintain traditional library services while advancing cutting-edge resources, technologies, and services; Transforming campus footprint: the Hewlett […]

Jennifer W. Davidson, Dean 2022-Present

Dr. Davidson earned her PhD from the GTU in 2011 in Liturgical Studies with an expertise in Systematic and Philosophical Theology, an MDiv from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (now United Lutheran Seminary), and a BA in English and Secondary Education from Eastern University. She is the author of River of Life, Feast of […]

The Wilmette Institute becomes consortial affiliate

The Wilmette Institute is a higher educational institution offering courses in Bahá’í history, texts, and the Bahá’í approach to social transformation.  Established in 1995, the Wilmette Institute now offers between 65 to 70 online courses per year for about 1,800 students. They intend to offer certificate programs in the coming years in addition to new […]

Institute of Buddhist Studies becomes member school

The Institute of Buddhist Studies (IBS) becomes the GTU consortium’s ninth member school, following thirty-six years of collaboration as a GTU affiliate. IBS is the first non-Christian institution to be represented among the GTU’s member schools, further living out the GTU’s commitment to fostering interreligious life, learning, and leadership. IBS becomes the GTU consortium’s ninth […]

GTU 2.0 Announced

Uriah Kim, president, announces a 5-year strategic plan creating GTU 2.0 in January 2021. The plan places GTU as an expansive effort to be increasingly present and active as a theological insitution within the world. It calls for a global effort, utilizing new educational technologies; applying a spiritually rooted theological education to a broad range […]

Uriah Y. Kim, Dean (2016-2020), President (2020-Present)

Earning his PhD from the GTU in 2004 and standing as a highly regarded member of the larger religious and theological academy, Dr. Kim was honored as the GTU’s alumnus of the year in 2013 and served as Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs beginning in January 2017. Undergoing an extensive, rigorous, and competitive […]

Center for Swedenborgian Studies becomes consortial affiliate

The Center for Swedenborgian Studies (CSS) has trained scholars and clergy since 1866. Today it is the official seminary of the Swedenborgian Church of North America, also offering New Religious Movements, Western esotericism, and mysticism studies.