In 1971 , Dody H. Donnelly (1920 – 2013), then Sister Gertrude Joseph Donnelly, became the first full time woman professor at Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley and the Graduate Theological Union.

In 1968, working towards a Th.D. at PSR, she received considerable press as the first Catholic nun to live on campus at a Protestant seminary.

Donnelly grew up in San Francisco where she attended Ecole Notre Dame des Victoires (secondary school). After graduation in 1938, she joined the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Orange as Sister Gertrude Joseph Donnelly. She received an AB in English Literature, Dominican College of San Raphael (1950); MA and Ph.D. in the classics, Catholic University of America (1962); Fulbright Scholarship, American Academy, Rome, Italy (1962); and Th.D., Pacific School of Religion (1973).